Handmade Soap for Men: Is It Worth The Price?

Our small batch handmade soap bars are one of our most complimented products. Not surprisingly, because guy's typically don't expect much from a soap bar other than a fresh scent. But there is a big difference between our handmade soap bars and the 3-pack of 'ocean fresh' bars you get a drug store. Here's why: 


Ultimately it's the combination of custom curated high quality natural ingredients and the actual creation process that make the difference. It's very much like the difference between the frozen 3-pack mini pizza's you get at a grocery store and a stone oven baked pizza, with basil, chorizo and mushrooms handmade at an artisanal eatery. They're both pizza, but there is a world of difference between the two! 

In our soap bars the ingredients make a big difference because they contribute to the quality and overall feel of the soap bar. Coconut oil for example makes the bar harder and is an excellent cleanser, but can leave your skin feeling dry if too much is used in the formula, so a moisturizer like shea butter is added to balance out the bar and care for your skin.


We use a custom curated blend of natural oils and ingredients to make our small batch soap bars. The oils are blended with a lye solution and go through a process called 'saponification' which physically changes the oils molecular structure to create soap molecules. Each oil and ingredient functions a little differently in the soap bar and is curated to formulate a balanced and skin loving soap bar.

For example, coconut oil is an excellent cleanser, contains fatty acids, adds lather to the bar and makes the bar harder, but too much can leave your skin feeling dry. Shea butter moisturizes and contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids along with vitamin-a and vitamin-e and absorbs quickly into your skin. Our formulas balance out each bar to cleanse and care for your skin. 

Men's handmade soap bar with natural ingredients

We're also able to control the saponification process to leave a small percentage of free oils in the soap bar to moisturize and strengthen your skin. This allows us to formulate the soap bar to function exactly the way we want it to so that it's good for your skin and can be used daily without drying our your skin. 


So what's the difference between the 3-pack frozen pizza and the handmade, stone oven baked artisanal pizza with all your favourite ingredients? It's the textures, the flavours, the aroma, it's the whole experience! The quality of natural ingredients and craftsmanship make it an experiencing worth paying for. Our handmade soap bars for men are carefully crafted with natural and organic ingredients that are good for your skin and make your daily grooming routine an experience, not just a necessity. Plus they smell great! So there's that too.

Natural Soap Bar for Men by Mucky Ducks Men's Grooming, Toronto