10 Ways for Men with Sensitive Skin to Reduce Post-Shave Irritation

shaving tips for men with sensitive skin

Did you know that the average man has more than 25,000 hairs that are as tough as copper wire coming out of his face? You'll spend up to 3,000 hours in your lifetime shaving them off. Oh yeah. 3,000 hours! Shaving is a big deal, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Even with the array of mens grooming techniques and technology, guys are still searching for a close, irritation free shave. So we have put together some tried and tested tips for the most effective way to rid yourself of that pesky wire while minimizing irritation to your skin: 

  Prepare Your Skin & Hair:

  1. Experts will agree that the goal is to remove the hair without compromising the skin’s integrity. Start with a warm shower. This will open the pores and soften those wiry hairs, preparing them for a close shave. Avoid showering in HOT water as this will dry out your skin and can increase post-shave irritation.

  2. Use a few drops of pre-shave oil to lubricate and protect your skin.  Gently massage the oil onto the skin with clean fingertips.  This helps your skin to release natural oils and adds a buffer under your razor reducing irritation. You'll still get a nice close shave. Don't be put off by the fact that it's oil, it's good for your skin, it won't clog your pores. Try it, it feels great!

    Use Quality Products & Good Technique:

  3. Since facial hair grows in different directions on the face, note which direction hair is growing before applying shaving cream. Then shave in short strokes with the grain of the hair. Be careful not to press the razor too hard against your skin.  Rinse the razor well after each stroke to avoid unnecessary pulling.

  4. Use a soap-free shaving cream as it will be less drying to your skin. Our Old Fashioned Shave Cream is made with natural shea butter and sweet almond oil to soothe and smooth your skin as you shave. Natural peppermint oil not only smells refreshing but it also stimulates blood flow. Shave soaps can dry out your skin and synthetic fragrances can irritate sensitive skin.

  5. Apply shaving cream with a well cleaned brush or fingertips in an upward swirling motion. The swirling motion can help pull hairs up away from the skin, making them ready for a clean shave. A slightly stiffer shave brush can also help with this. 

    NOTE:  Pulling skin taut while shaving, or shaving against the grain can increase the risk of painful ingrown hairs. Movements by your lips and chin can help you to reach tricky or delicate areas without pulling on your skin.

  6. Ensure your razor is sharp, if it's been a while since you replaced the blades, it could be time for a new one. A dull razor can increase pulling and tugging causing stubborn ingrown hairs and unnecessary irritation. A sharp razor will be much more effective and do less damage to your skin.

    Post Shave Care is Crucial

  7. Rinse your face with cold water, and pat your skin dry with a clean towel.  Avoid the urge to rub your skin dry with a towel as this can cause your freshly shaved skin to become irritated.

    Use cold water after shaving to close pores and reduce irritation

  8. Apply a soothing aftershave balm to you face. Since shaving can remove up to 2 layers of skin along with your whiskers, a quality aftershave balm is recommended as opposed to a perfumed alcohol type aftershave that contains alcohol as alcohol will dry out your skin. Our Calming Aftershave Balm is formulated for men with sensitive skin and won't leave a greasy or shiny film on the skin. It gently calms and soothes irritated post shave skin with aloe and Vitamin-E leaving your face and neck feeling great! 

  9. Remember to rinse your razor's blades thoroughly after use, leaving them clean and free of debris. Don’t towel dry your razor or blades as this can dull the cutting edge. Using a dull blade can result in more razor bumps and pulling. So take care of your razor.  Keep it clean, keep it sharp. Renew the blades regularly. 

  10. If you don't begin to see a reduction in irritation and razor bumps after a week or more, consider changing your razor or reducing the number of blades it has. A 2 blade razor may be a better option than one with 5 blades. 

A good shave routine can make a real difference to your face and skin. It can take a couple of days or more for your skin to respond to the new routine and for razor bumps and irritation to disappear. So don't give up. With a little effort you can reduce post shave irritation and start enjoying a better grooming experience.